Kitchen Remodel

Over the winter I did a major kitchen remodel of a neighbor. We gutted the old kitchen, removed two walls, replace the kitchen window, added a walk in pantry and a breakfast bar.


We've are mostly finished tearing out the
old walls. The kitchen window has been
replaced in this shot.

Another shot of the tear out. Note that we'll have a bit of drywall work on the ceiling and the electrical will need to be rerouted.

The drywall work is done and the
walls have just been textured. Note
the breakfast bar with a storage area
built in on the living rooms side to
take advantage of otherwise
wasted space under the counter.

Note the opening at the far right of this photo. This is the only way to access
the washer and dry hookups in a closet around the corner. A little built in
nook will cover the hole and still
provide access when needed.


You can see the walk in pantry in this photo. The opening into the pantry will become a built in bookcase.

We've painted the drywall and begun
to install the kitchen cabinets. We've waited as long as possible before removing the last set of old cabinets and sink to make it easier for the owner lead a normal life during construction.

Note the transition between old old
acoustic texture and orange peel texture
in the kitchen. We were faced with a challenge to provide a transition without remove the acoustic texture in the living and dining room. We've replaced the kitchen lights and added the transformer for the track lighting above the breakfast bar.


Installation has been completed of the kitchen cabinets. We've move out the door to the deck to allow for later installation of extra insulation and new siding.

The track lighting is now in place. We've installed a new kitchen range, but reused the refrigerator and dishwasher. We've also added a garbage disposal.

The kitchen is now complete. The new countertop is on and we've added trim and a door to the below counter storage space. The built in bookcase has been built and installed.


We built cafe door for the pantry to provide easy access but still hide the shelving inside.

Here is a detail of the breakfast bar looking into the living and dining room. New carpet will be added at a later date.