Selected photos from Cataract Canyon River Trip
May 22- May 30, 2004

James Gale, Rachael Kelly, Joyce Gale, John Michnick, Lynn Law,
Michael Collard, Jodi Huggenvik, Bob Williams, Judy Buckingham,
Mark Nissen, Traci Topping
, Roger Featherstone

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Mark & Traci

Mike & Jodi

Butte in background

Hooked beak rock with Granary

Rock art

Made in the shade

Made in the shade too

Iinspecting granary

Mickey was framed

Liberty bell window

The pause that refreshes

Happy hour with lawn art

Rogues gallery

Musta saw a ghost

Madonna and child


Water bearer

Owl Man

Hunting scene

The Maze

Young Ansel

Silts away

You want me to do what?

Dark Canyon

That's not what I hear!

Family at play

Horsing around

Practice makes perfect

We're out of here

A wonderful view of Foul Reservoir